Inspired by football legends

Inspired by football legends

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camiseta roja Nottingham Forest


There are many football teams and selections that use and have used this color in their kits, but do you know the reason for each of them?

Below we tell you the history of all the red t-shirts in our catalog:

1892 REDS : The Liverpool City team begins its history wearing a blue and white uniform, similar to that used by local rivals Everton. However, it would not be until 1959 when he would change his clothing to total red. It was Bill Shankly who proposed that the entire uniform become red to give an appearance that would be more intimidating to the rival. According to the coach, the color symbolized danger and power. Thus, on December 16, 1964, they used this kit for the first time in the European Cup match against Anderlecht.

1958 JOHN CHARLES : Legend says that, in very ancient times, two dragons lived in Welsh lands fighting each other, one red and the other white. The red color of his shirt is associated with the color of the fire launched by one of these dragons, red, the winner between the two and symbol of Wales by Uther Pendragon, the father of the legendary King Arthur.

1966 ENGLAND CHAMPION : At the height of “Swinging London” and Beatlemania, the country that invented football organized the 1966 World Cup. However, the tournament was far from the spirit of peace and love of the time, making the clothing red with which the English National Team lifted the only international trophy in its record will take on a different meaning and achieve legendary status.

1968 RED DEVILS : Initially, the team, "the Heathens", wore clothing that featured the company's colors, green and gold. But after a major financial crisis, the new owners decided that the team would undergo major changes. It was during this period that the squad changed its name; On April 24, 1902, Manchester United was officially born, with the colors red and white as the distinctive colors of its clothing.

1974 ATLÉTICO DE MADRID GLASGOW : The Battle of Glasgow was a historic match between Celtic and Atlético de Madrid in the semi-final of the 1974 European Cup. Celtic dressed in their classic horizontal green and white kit, Atlético de Madrid with a second kit that has once again delighted fans in absolute red. The match that was held at the Celtic Park stadium in Scotland was one of the most controversial and exciting in red and white history, the first step towards reaching the 1974 European Cup Final.

1975 CCCP Home : Even before the formation of the Soviet State, the Red Guard and later the Red Army of Workers and Peasants took this color as their own in their fight against the White Army of the monarchists. From then on and since the creation of the Soviet Union, red has been used as the main color in the clothing of the different sports sections it represents.

1977 CUBA : The color red combined with white, as a symbol of love and blood, is used by Cubans to demonstrate their veneration of Santa Bárbara and Shangó. Despite its rich sporting tradition in other disciplines such as baseball and boxing, soccer has not achieved the same level of success in Cuba. Even so, Cuba has the privilege of being the first Caribbean country to reach the final phase of the World Cup by qualifying for the 1938 World Cup in France, achieving a great result by reaching the quarterfinals.

1979 NOTTINGHAM FOREST : The club was founded in 1865 at a meeting at the Clinton Arms on Shakespeare Street, it was also agreed that the representative color of the new club that had just been born would be red. In fact, the team was the FIRST in history to use the color red in its kits. Forest is the only team in the world that has more European Cups than its country's Leagues.

1986 SPAIN : We go back to 1920 at the Antwerp Olympic Games to see the Spanish team dressed in red. This decision was made by the president of the Spanish Olympic committee at the time, Gonzalo de Figueroa y Torres. From then on, and except for some changes suffered just after these Olympic Games and after the outbreak of the civil war, the Spanish team has continued to wear “the red one” to the present day.

As you can see, red appears in many of the kits of teams and national teams throughout the history of the beautiful sport. Even Stephen Hawking, renowned physical theorist and British astrologer, sees red as key in the clothing of football teams since According to him and based on a German study, it increases the chances of winning and makes the teams that wear them more confident and more aggressive towards their rivals.

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