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Atlético de Madrid, revered in the football world for its passion and suffering, has been home to some of many extraordinary talents over the years. From local legends to international stars, the red and white history is full of players who have left an indelible mark on the club and in the hearts of its fans. Below, we explore ten of the best players who have helped shape Atlético de Madrid's greatness.

10. Antoine Griezmann: The Little Prince

Antoine Griezmann, the French Little Prince, is leaving an indelible mark with his skill and sacrifice for the team. His role in winning the Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup and all the goals scored over the years place him among the best.

9. Adelardo Rodríguez: The Red and White Soul

Adelardo Rodríguez, the red and white soul, personifies loyalty and dedication to the club. With more than 500 appearances, his leadership in midfield contributed to winning titles such as the League, Copa del Rey and Intercontinental Cup.

8. Paulo Futre: The Pearl of Montijo

Paulo Futre, The Pearl of Montijo, is remembered for his technical skill and dazzling dribbling. His contribution to the conquest of national titles in the 90s and his rivalry with Real Madrid places him among the greats within the red and white fans.

7. Enrique Collar: The Greyhound of Cuatro Caminos

A key player in the 1950s, Collar helped establish Atlético as a contender in Spanish football. He won a league title and three Copa del Rey (then “Copa del Generalísimo”).

6. Kiko Narváez: The Archer

Kiko Narváez, The Goalkeeper, dazzled with his ability to score crucial goals. His contribution to winning La Liga and the Copa del Rey in the 90s makes him a benchmark.

5. Diego Simeone: From the Field to the Benches

A warrior on the pitch during his time as a player, Simeone transformed his passion into a successful coaching career. Under his direction, Atlético won several League titles, Copa del Rey and reached the Champions League final twice.

4. José Eulogio Gárate: The Engineer

Gárate, nicknamed "The Engineer", is one of the most iconic forwards in the history of Atlético de Madrid. His ability to find the net and his vital role in winning the Intercontinental Cup in 1974 place him among the club's best.

3. Adrián Escudero: El Chava

Adrián Escudero, El Chava, is a legend who led Atlético in the 1950s. With his vision, leadership and technical skills, he contributed to the achievement of several titles, including three Leagues. He is currently the third top scorer in the club's history, with 169 goals.

2. Fernando Torres: The Child

Fernando Torres, nicknamed "El Niño", emerged from the red and white youth team with the team in the Second Division to become a symbol of the team. His speed, skill and love for the club led him to score crucial goals and win titles, including the Europa League, the only title he was able to win in red and white.

1. Luis Aragonés: The Wise Man of Hortaleza

Luis Aragonés, known as "The Wise Man of Hortaleza", is an icon in the history of Atlético de Madrid. Aragonés is a legendary figure who left an indelible mark on Atlético. Player and coach, his contribution was vital in the conquest of three La Liga titles and the Copa del Rey in the 1970s.

These players have left an unforgettable legacy at Atlético de Madrid, contributing to its greatness over the years. Whether leading from defence, scoring crucial goals or embodying the passion for the red and white colours, these footballers have forged a story of passion and emotion that will live on in the memories of fans.

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