Inspired by football legends

Inspired by football legends

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El día que el fútbol paró una guerra

The day football stopped a war

What happened on December 25, 1914?

On December 25, 1914, in the middle of World War I, an extraordinary event took place on the Western Front. Despite the brutality of the conflict, soldiers from both sides suddenly stopped in their trenches and staged an event that defied the logic of war: a soccer match.

In that brief pause, humanity and sportsmanship rose above violence and enmity.

The Christmas Truce is born

That historic day, known as the "Christmas Truce", witnessed an act of humanity in a context of devastation. German and British soldiers, exhausted by the conflict, momentarily put hostilities aside. A feeling of brotherhood arose between them, leading them to engage in conversations, exchange small gifts and, surprisingly, to play football in no man's field, between the trenches.

The sound of bouncing balls and laughter on the makeshift field rose above the noise of war. Momentary adversaries became playmates. In that brief pause, humanity and sportsmanship rose above violence and enmity.

This moving event, despite its transience, left an indelible mark on history, serving as a powerful reminder of humanity in times of desolation and showing the unifying potential of football, even in the darkest moments of history.

In our store, we honor this spirit of camaraderie and celebrate the history of football with our retro jerseys, remembering legendary players and iconic moments that transcend the barriers of time.

football war 1914
Newspaper cover recounting the events
At Coolligan we love these football stories and reliving them. For this reason, we have a commemorative t-shirt of that special and unrepeatable event.
football war 1914
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