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Inspired by football legends

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La Unión de la Rebeldía

The Union of Rebellion

Being rebellious is an attitude, not a fashion. This condition of disruptor, of being problematic, is associated with many aspects of the life of those who consider themselves rebels. Once you take the first step, you position yourself on a path that allows you to wear the badge with pride for the rest of your days. From music, to hobbies that society does not consider “traditional”, as well as the way of dressing, the insignia of rebellion can have a thousand different shapes and connotations. How else could we understand the feeling of brotherhood that unites Green Day, one of the most famous music bands of the 21st century, the popular video game FIFA, now known as EA FC, and the fashion trend Bloke Core?

Green Day is a punk rock band that has been making our hearts sing since the 1990s. With songs like "Basket Case" and "American Idiot," they have become true icons of punk music and alternative rock. Their energetic musical style and rebellious lyrics are the perfect soundtrack for free spirits who aren't afraid to challenge the norm. In addition, they have now returned to the current cover with the reissue of their album “Dookie”, 30 years after its original release.

How does Green Day fit into this trend? His music is the heartbeat of this cultural revolution. From songs that will make you jump to ballads that will make you reflect on life, Green Day is the inspiration behind the carefree attitude that embraces the trend.

Now, let's talk about video games. FIFA, the legendary soccer simulator, has been a favorite among gamers for years. Because? Because it allows us to immerse ourselves in epic confrontations and compete with our friends as if we were in a stadium, although we all know that friendship is relegated to the background, at least, while the match lasts.

The most notable link between FIFA and this trend is clear: Green Day's music has appeared in multiple editions of the game. FIFA has become the place where the music of Green Day and the excitement of football merge into a truly special experience for every sports fan.

Now, let's talk about fashion. Do you know the Bloke Core trend? If you haven't, you're missing something big. Bloke Core is a fashion trend that embraces rebellious aesthetics, inspired by the urban lifestyle and the love of football. It allows you to combine football shirts, current or retro, with contemporary fashion trends, producing a clash of styles that represents the cultural salvation of football fans. It is a declaration of independence through fashion.

Green Day's style, with its punk attitude and love of rebellion, fits perfectly with the Bloke Core. And FIFA, with its fan base, has influenced fans' devotion to football jerseys, further fueling the trend.

Green Day, FIFA and Bloke Core are a celebration of rebellious attitude, passion for football and street style. They represent, being very different individual concepts, the union of rebellion.
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