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¿Qué hay detrás de la famosa camiseta a subasta de Maradona?

What is behind the famous Maradona jersey up for auction?

A few weeks ago the news came out that the shirt with which Maradona scored two goals against England in the 1986 World Cup was going up for auction. The last World Cup won by the albiceleste. 

Two T-shirts were designed for that World Cup, a cotton albiceleste one that implemented a complete perspiration technology and that allowed sweat to pass through and that it did not remain impregnated in the T-shirt. On the other hand, the visitor's if he allowed the sweat to accumulate and that the humidity of it will remain impregnated.

Without many problems, the matches took place normally. In the first three games against Korea, Italy and Bulgaria, the Albiceleste team wore that iconic first kit. However, in the round of 16 match against Uruguay, the albiceleste debuted the sweaty visiting shirt with victory.

In a selection directed by Carlos Bilardo, every detail counts. Superstition has always been the order of the day with the coach, who thought it was a good idea to weigh both shirts on a scale after the game and observed that the visiting shirt was a few grams heavier.

After such a "problem" the strange mind of Bilardo began to scheme and decided to gather his assistants at dawn to make holes that simulated the perspiration of the local shirt. The idea did not go well at all and it was decided to go urgently for new shirts. Rubén Moschella was then sent to Mexico for shirts

Six stores later and with kilometers traveled through the streets, the treasure turned into a T-shirt was found. Lighter shirts were found that needed to embroider the shield and some numbers. The number was printed in Americana font and in a brilliant silver grey.

However, Bilardo did not like seeing her. He despised her and even threw her to the ground. Very different reaction to the one Maradona had. The Argentine magician was convinced that they were "going to break" with that shirt. It was a long afternoon for Bilardo, who added to his task that of ordering to sew shields to have it ready.

It must have been lucky. Maradona knew something because it was he who was in charge of scoring his two most remembered goals. A production against the clock to counteract Bilardo's superstitions and that today is being paid at auction at an initial price of 5.8 million dollars

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