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Soccer and Music

Bob Marley - Soccer and Music

Soccer and music, a perfect combination that has been given since soccer took its first steps in the United Kingdom. And it is that these two great passions of humanity are capable of crossing borders and at the same time uniting their fans at different times. Because both, together, are timeless.

When we think of this combination, many styles and rhythms come to mind, which have come together in both directions. A clear example to understand for all is samba and Brazilian soccer, understood by the American country almost as a religion. The rhythm of the music is transferred to their soccer fields by a multitude of players who flood the matches with imaginative dribbles.

The United Kingdom, the cradle of football and a multitude of musical styles, has among its artists great fans of the king of sports. Like Oasis, the group formed by Liam and Noel Gallagher, true supporters of Manchester City. " The Masterplan " is a fully team-influenced track and is dedicated to LS Lowry , one of the best-known supporters in City history.

Great musicians enjoyed soccer, because they felt emotions similar to those offered by their music. In an interview with Bob Marley, a great soccer fan, they asked him why he liked it so much and what it meant to him in this sport. He, laughing, replied: " Freedom! Soccer is freedom. "

At Coolligan , we don't just sell clothes, we like to say that we offer something more and our passion for music is one of them. That is why we have prepared a list of music, which you can find through this link, of course you can participate in it, leaving as a comment which song gives you that feeling described by Bob Marley and that you relate to soccer.

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