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Coolligan is the result of an accumulation of memories, feelings and emotions. It all happened one afternoon in 2014, like so many others, while among friends we remembered the names that had made us live, feel, something more than a football game. Those legendary numbers and unrepeatable teams that the passage of time have become part of our lives. The same thing happened to all of us, time passes but the memories remain there, in our memory, indelible. It started as children with our idol's shirt. It was the first great emotion that football caused us. Many others followed, in a kind of almanac of images, plays and stories of all the men who have made football great since its creation.

How can we forget the arrival of Cruyff's Total Football!, which broke all football schemes to date, or the elegance of Kaiser Beckenbauer, or the scoring nose of that 16-year-old boy who would become "O Rei Pele". Lives, moments of magic and admiration. We set ourselves a challenge: try to go further. Going from remembering it to living it. Even to emulate it, at least for a moment. Like when we were kids. Dressing up as a legend for a moment could be a way of condensing all those feelings and values ​​that unite those of us who love the greatest football. Make fashion another way of living.

Why wait for special moments and events if we can remember every day, every moment? It is enough to dress like a legend, players and unrepeatable teams through their shirts, their boots or their sweaters. A way of remembering, honoring and always keeping his legacy alive. Doing it with the respect and quality they deserve could become a small tribute to those of us who make up Coolligan. We present here the result of that exciting idea that we continue to develop with excitement and enthusiasm every morning.

Coolligan, Inspired by Football Legends

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