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Inspired by football legends

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Black Friday: Exceptional Discounts on Retro Football Fashion

Black Friday, one of the most anticipated dates for shopping enthusiasts, brings us unbeatable offers and discounts on a wide range of products. And for fans of football and its history, this day is a unique opportunity to purchase your favorite items at exceptional prices.

What is Black Friday?

Originating in the United States, Black Friday is the starting point of the Christmas shopping season. During this day, stores offer deep discounts and special offers, attracting crowds looking for significant savings opportunities. Over time, this event has expanded throughout the world and has become a crucial date for both online and physical store shopping.

Black Friday date 2023

For those deal enthusiasts, Black Friday 2023 will fall on November 24. It is worth mentioning that many stores extend their promotions throughout the entire Black Friday week, providing the possibility of finding discounts before the official day.

How long does Black Friday last?

Black Friday is a one-day event, although many stores offer discounts throughout the week of Black Friday, and even before and after the official day.

Black Friday deals at Coolligan

At Coolligan, one of the leading stores in retro football fashion, Black Friday is a special occasion to offer incredible discounts on some of our most popular products. In particular, at Colligan we will offer discounts on some of our most popular products, such as retro football shirts. The store may also offer discounts on some of its newer products, so it's important to keep an eye on the latest arrivals.

History and Origin of Black Friday

As we mentioned previously, Black Friday has its origins in the United States, where it is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving. Although it is not known with certainty how this term originated, there are several theories about it. One of the most popular theories is that the name "Black Friday" refers to the fact that this day marks the moment when stores go from being "in the red" (i.e., with losses) to "in the black" (i.e., with profits) thanks to the large sales that occur during this day. This theory makes sense, since Black Friday is a day when stores offer incredible discounts and deals to attract shoppers and increase their sales. Another theory suggests that the term "Black Friday" originated in Philadelphia in the 1960s, when local police began using the term to refer to the chaos and congestion that occurred in the city due to large crowds of shoppers. They flocked to the stores during the day after Thanksgiving.

Despite its uncertain origin, Black Friday has become a very popular event around the world, and every year more stores offer incredible discounts and deals during this day. In short, Black Friday is a unique opportunity for lovers of football history, legends and football in general, to purchase their favorite products at exceptional prices.

At Colligan, you'll find discounts on a wide variety of products, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, accessories and more. If you are interested in taking advantage of the Black Friday deals at Colligan, it is important to keep an eye on the latest news and promotions, as the store may offer discounts throughout the entire Black Friday week, and even before and after the official day.

Discover Bloke Core Fashion on Black Friday

Bloke Core fashion enthusiasts have an extra reason to celebrate Black Friday. This trend fuses football clothing with casual clothing, such as jeans and jackets, to achieve unique outfits. Take advantage of this day to purchase football fashion and complete your most elegant outfits at exceptional prices.

At Colligan, you'll have access to discounts on a wide range of products, from t-shirts to sweatshirts and accessories. Stay up to date with our latest news and promotions as we may be offering discounts not just on Black Friday, but throughout the week and beyond. Do not miss it!