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Inspired by football legends

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Final y comienzo en Los Cármenes

End and beginning in Los Cármenes

This Saturday a final of the Copa de la Reina is being held in Granada, which is the last chapter of some books. Sandra Ramajo closes a cycle on May 11 and Jennifer Hermoso also points to it.

Every novel has an epilogue. Not all of them are equally extensive, but more than one will end in the Nasrid city. Real Sociedad and Atlético de Madrid will measure forces in a duel, a priori, unequal. Although there are reasons, more related to the epic than to the strictly sporting, that can equalize the balance between txuriurdines and mattresses. And it is that, a victory for Real Sociedad, the least favorite team, would mean the end of a successful cycle for several players from the San Sebastian entity. Leaving with the achievement of a title. The dream ending.

Ramajo hands over the bracelet to Mariasun Quiñones (Sports world)

The hardest thing about dreaming is getting up. That moment in which you realize that what you have experienced is unreal and you have to keep working to get what you want. That feeling is what Sandra Ramajo , captain of the Real Sociedad, describes. With eleven seasons behind her and the bracelet tied to her left biceps, the irundarra ends her time with the txuriurdin team on June 30. In her last match in the Iberdrola League, against Atlético de Madrid, the captain received a well-deserved tribute in Zubieta . Perhaps after the blanket from her teammates, the captain began to assimilate a reality far from the club. But there are times when when you wake up from a dream, you close your eyes again and continue immersed in that epic where everything is possible. From San Sebastian to Granada. Raise the Queen's Cup. Why not?

The main reason for rejecting the San Sebastian dream is the football level that this Atlético de Madrid has shown. The team led by Sánchez Vera only has the blur against Wolfsburg to their credit. Expected but no less painful. Even so, the mattresses were redone and have produced an excellent performance in the league competition. The Madrileñas look for the finishing touch to their course by raising the Copa de la Reina, which would mean getting the double.

Jennifer and Laia celebrate the elimination of Manchester City (Atlético de Madrid)

To raise the title, Jennifer Hermoso is postulated as the capital piece of the rojiblanco attack. The top scorer in the Iberdrola League (24 goals) came to the team to make up for a noticeable loss and she has done so in spades. The Madrilenian did not have a good stage in Paris and has redeemed herself this season. This makes Barcelona intend to have the scorer again. If carried out, the second stage of Hermoso in Madrid will have been as ephemeral as it was productive. Perhaps his last great service for the rojiblanca cause will be this Saturday.

Ramajo and Hermoso will not be the only ones to finish the stage. The market dictates the pace of progress, which is becoming more and more accelerated, and little can be done against that. But they are two very clear examples of what is at stake this weekend in the Zaidín neighborhood.

This final is part of another before and after in Spanish women's football. The Wanda, the RCDE Stadium, the selection in Alicante and Bilbao, the U-17 World Cup... Both at the club level and at the national team level, the players have managed to take a step forward. Those who are not in Granada can follow it through a general channel. Another point in the box of development. With so much feat in mind, all that remains is to think that there is room for another one. Who knows if the largest. And it is that this summer, the World Cup in France can be the beginning.

Mario Tena



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