Inspired by football legends

Inspired by football legends

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De Amor y Otras Cosas

Of Love and Other Things

February arrives and with it, the famous day of l@s enamorad@s . But where does this tradition come from and what examples can we see in football?

Despite the belief of commercial origin, Valentine's Day has its origin in the city of Rome, specifically in the 3rd century due to the death of Valentine, a priest sentenced for secretly celebrating marriages of young lovers. s.

The world of football, from time to time, surprises us with some love stories that deserve to be remembered and valued, since despite what the media wants to tell us today, there are more things that unite us. of those that separate us.

One of these stories is that of little Santiago Fretes. It happened in the spring of 2016 and is a clear example of love in football.

Santiago is a passionate Argentine soccer fan who was 10 years old at the time. Santiago is missing a leg due to a genetic malformation that has never prevented him from going about his daily life like any other boy despite having to use a pair of crutches.

A fan of Racing Club, Santiago was watching the farewell game of his idol Milito, whose football career ended by scoring a goal and receiving a standing ovation from all the fans. Next to him, another boy who wanted to see what was happening on the pitch but a large fence prevented him from seeing what was happening there until, in an act of love, Santiago lends him one of his crutches so he could get on the her and celebrate everything that was happening on the field.

¨I was watching Milito and my friend jumped to look out because he didn't come. So I lent him one of my crutches so he could go up¨ The little boy explained later.

Another clear example of love in football and that usually has several representatives in the different teams is that of the people who have accompanied a club throughout their lives, as is the case of Doña Emilia García Fernández ¨La Pixarra¨ with her beloved Real Oviedo.

Emilia saw the birth of the club of her loves in 1926 and accompanied him throughout his life, in health and in sickness, in riches and in poverty and in good times, but especially in bad times. Such a love that he earned the respect and admiration of all football fans, especially the Carbayón club.

And the love for colors comes not only from the fans, but we also find it in the players themselves. Currently unusual ¨One Club Man¨ players who have been faithful to certain colors throughout their sports career.

Paolo Maldini and Franco Baresi (Milan)

Francesco Totti (Rome)

Sepp Maier

And of course, love in a humorous way. Those moments that will always be remembered by football fans and that will form part of our most special and fun memories.

Proof of this, this video of one of the programs with the greatest fun moments, The Day After with ¨what the eye does not see¨ by dear Michael Robinson.

February is the month of love and from Coolligan we would like this atmosphere to be breathed every year of the year. Now that times are a bit messy we encourage you to put a little love in your lives, with your partners, friends or in your day to day because as the great Andrés Montes said, life can be wonderful...

Give Emotions, Give Coolligan!

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