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No pasa nada, tenemos medias blancas - Coolligan

It's okay, we have white socks

Society goes bankrupt on numerous occasions when certain dress standards are broken. Some actually take it quite seriously. As if it were about taking exclusive control of people's style. It is true that society has evolved, although, in this case, it is even more critical today. 

Surely for this reason, in 1982, at the height of the World Cup in Spain, the theories that were generated around the simple white socks used by Arconada would be completely applicable to those that would be formed now. Moreover, at that time they were more far-fetched. Rivers of ink flowed to try to explain the reason for the use of those white stockings, when simplicity was pure superstition.

The goalkeeper outfit for that World Cup consisted of a blue shirt, black shorts and black socks finished with the Spanish flag on the leg of the socks. However, Arconada asked the RFEF for the possibility of being able to play with the white socks with which he used to face matches. The Federation agreed. After questioning Arconada's patriotism by public opinion and a host of political theories, the Basque goalkeeper wore those stockings against all debate.

In sports, it was not an easy path for the National Team. There was a lot of trust placed in 'the hostess' and those expectations were not met. With part of the team not being at its best level, the truth is that it was not possible to enjoy the best version of Arconada either. Spain fell in the first match against Honduras. Speculations were served and before the football powder keg, the villain figure of an Arconada was fed that only tried to speak on the field.

Spain fell along the way, leaving a cold image and the accusations against the goalkeeper for not wearing those black socks mattered more than the results. And the only truth is that the goalkeeper had been wearing white socks at Real Sociedad for three years. His decision to extend the habit with the national team cost him dearly. The story did not give for more. Arconada continued to defend the Spanish goal with white socks and also wearing the National Team bracelet.

Surely many still firmly believe that Spain fell in that World Cup because Luis Arconada chose to play with white socks. More than one would raise their hands to their heads when they discovered that in the middle of the Santiago Bernabéu, with Madrid playing in white and Arconada guarding the rival goal, they did so with white socks for their own comfort.

It is evident that Arconada was always a figure of character and charisma ahead of his time. For this reason, we think that the one who gave the least importance to those white socks was him.

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