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Cómo serían sus portadas... - Coolligan

What would their covers look like?

Can you imagine for a moment that these footballers had devoted themselves to music? What would an album cover of yours look like?

These questions have been asked by the Italian-Argentine designer Emilio Sansolini and he has created some covers featuring some of the most popular players in the world.

Here we leave you some of these super covers. What do you think? We like them a lot! :)

At Coolligan we are very fans of Emilio Sansolini, a designer who is a great fan and connoisseur of international football and who has made this hobby of his one of his best-known lines of design work.

At Coolligan we are such fans of Emilio and his work that we have started a collaboration with him to bring to life several of his impressive retro football shirt designs . But we will talk about this in the next entry of this blog, next week. We anticipate that the first two shirts of this new series.

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